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April 23–27, 2018 in Fitjar (Norway) was organized an Erasmus + (KA2) Strategic Partnership Project "Effective International Partnership: Success for Every Student" (Contract No. 2017-1-LT01-KA201-035254) project partners training (I session) "Higher Level Creative and Critical Thinking Development. Thought Organization". Goals of the training: improve the competencies of participants needed to effectively develop learner creativity, higher level of critical and creative thinking, problem solving and practical skills; to develop the participants special skills necessary for the creation of high-quality innovative educational products.

During the course of the training, we sought professional excellence. All activities organized during the training focused on the creation of high-quality intellectual products. Improved and general competencies. During the program participants also got acquainted with the Norwegian educational system: organizing visits to educational institutions, presenting school activities, learning spaces, observing and discussing lessons.

Participants were impressed by the friendship and hospitality of the Norwegian partners, the activities of educational institutions, the high level of excellence of heads, teachers. Everyone was impressed by the amazing nature of Norway.

Project goals: to consolidate the available information and to create the learning tools for students (age 3 – 18) and educators (teachers, parents) on an international scale, which would help develop higher level critical and creative thinking skills using experience based, interactive and information technology methods.

The project intends to produce innovative, effective and modern intellectual products, which would improve the work quality of educators, ensure a higher quality of education, contribute to the improvement of students' learning results and to create favourable conditions for innovative education.

Project coordinator: Kaunas in-service Teacher Training Center.

Project partners: Kaunas kindergarten "Giliukas", Kaunas Panemunės Primary School, Kaunas St. Kazimieras Progymnasium, Kaunas "Saulės" Gymnasium, Ryga Education and Information Centre (Latvia), "Fitjar vidaregåande skule" (Norway), "Kocaeli Il Milli Egitim Mudurlugu" (Turkey).



  1. Tarptautinio projekto partnerių susitikimo Kaune, 2018 m. kovo mėnesio naujienlaiškis
  2. Projekto partnerių seminaro Norvegijoje (Fitjar), 2018 m. kovo mėnesio naujienlaiškis


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