Welcome to the international conference “The Highway of Educational Challenges: to participate or to watch?”

2021 m. May 25 d., 10:31

We invite teachers, special and social educators, psychologists, parents and guardians of pupils, teachers of higher education institutions, social partners to participate in the international conference “THE RATE OF CHALLENGES IN EDUCATION: PARTICIPATE OR OBSERVE?” The conference will be held remotely on the ZOOM conference platform in 2021. 10 June 12.00.

“Reform, innovation, innovation, modernisation, change – these are just some of the terms we hear when we talk about schools. A discussion that tries to find the right palette of colours to paint and decorate the picture of the school of the future. 255,000 in 0.32 seconds, that’s the number of results an internet search engine gives when you type in those two well-known words: “education news”. In this context, it seems that a school is like a car on the highway of educational challenges, with its crew constantly wondering whether the direction it has taken is the right one, and whether the destination – a good school – will be reached safely and on time…”

Organised by
Kaunas Simonas Daukantas progimnazija, Kaunas Teacher Qualification Centre.

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