“The Book of Clay Fairy Tales” by Joana Tėvelytė, art education teacher-expert at Kaunas kindergarten “Vaivorykštė”

2021 m. April 12 d., 10:08

A collection of original, illustrated video stories and art games for preschool and pre-school children and the whole family


Narrative play – an imaginative collective role-play game in which the children and the teacher work together to create a joint re-enactment and continuation of the given stories or a new series. The stories will serve as a mediator to convey to the children the phenomena of life and the world and their meanings. Children will play and create a storyline to explore emotional-social intelligence, scientific issues, solve, advise and experiment. The fairy tales are proposed as a means to motivate, to start a creative conversation, through which they will develop creativity, worldview, motivation, imagination, willpower, control of desires and feelings, willingness to help, repetition of polite words necessary for life, and the opportunity to talk about their personal friendship, fear, anger, reconciliation.

The book contains 8 fairy tales, which are followed by natural imagery: live chickens, sheep, hills, a forest, a river, and a wide variety of artistic devices and experiments, all of which are woven together into a common storyline.

The book is available at: HERE