Republican Conference “The path of renewed educational content to every student”

“Upgrading educational content: the best opportunities for everyone”
Ramūnas Skaudžius, Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Sport
“We are preparing for the implementation of the renewed curriculum. What’s new in education”
Rūta Krasauskienė, Director of the National Education Agency
“Aspects of the renewed content of education. The views of educational institutions”
Dr. Dainius Žvirdauskas, President of the Lithuanian Association of School Leaders, Principal of Kaunas University of Technology Engineering Lyceum
“Implementation of the updated educational content (UTA) in Kaunas Veršvų gymnasium. Successes, explorations, discoveries”
Žilvinas Damijonaitis, Director of Kaunas Veršvų Gymnasium
“Preparing for the introduction of the renewed curriculum”
Rigonda Skorulskienė, expert physics teacher at Kaunas Jesuit Gymnasium
“Assessment in the context of the updated curriculum”
Virginija Bareišienė, expert mathematics teacher at Vytautas Magnus University “Rasa” Gymnasium
Annex 1, Annex 2, Annex 3
“Teaching mathematics through research in the context of experiential education”
Ligita Minkauskienė, mathematics teacher at Kaunas Petrašiūnai progymnasium
“Developing creativity and problem-solving competences in mathematics lessons”
Danutė Domskienė, expert mathematics teacher at Kaunas University of Technology Vaižgantas progymnasium
“Tiramisu, first aid education tools”
Rima Kubiliūtė, English teacher at Vaižgantas Pro-Gymnasium of Kaunas University of Technology
“Inclusive Education in Physical Education”
Asta Igarienė, expert teacher at Kaunas Special School
“Why update the curriculum?”
Jolanta Vengalienė, Director of Vytautas Magnus University School of Classical Education
“By testing we discover”
Ramunė Andriušienė, Kaunas Veršvų Gymnasium primary school method teacher
“Integrating Informatics Content in Cross-Curricular Classrooms”
Natalija Bankauskaitė, Methodist teacher at Kaunas Panemunes Primary School
“Towards every child” Dovilė Kovalenkinienė, Deputy Director of Kaunas Veršvų Gymnasium, social pedagogue, methodologistDownload
“Life Skills Programme and its implementation in educational institutions in Kaunas”
Kaunas City Social Educators Methodology Team: Daiva Šabūnienė, expert social educator at Kaunas Bernards Brazdžionis School; Andrėja Adašiūnienė, expert social pedagogue at Kaunas “Saulės” gymnasium; Gražina Taujanskienė, Senior Social Educator at Kaunas “Vyturio” Gymnasium; Asta Milbutienė, methodologist social pedagogue at Žaliakalnis progymnasium, Kaunas
“Developing digital competence for every student’s learning success”
Mindaugas Garnionis, speech therapist at Kaunas Pilėnai Progymnasium, special educator, chairman of the methodological group of speech therapists and special educators of Kaunas city schools, Erika Kubilienė, expert teacher of information technology at Kaunas Pilėnai progymnasium
“The history of music in today’s context”
Eglė Valantinienė, expert teacher at Kaunas 1st Music School, Chair of the Music School Teachers’ Methodological Group
“Active learning in art. Changes and Challenges”
Rasa Klingaitė, teacher at Kaunas Juozas Grusas Art Gymnasium Rasa Jazerskienė, art teacher at Kaunas Kazis Grinius progymnasium
“Networking as an option for the implementation of holistic ethno-cultural education”
Ramunė Baniulienė, Director of Kaunas Palemonas Gymnasium
“Renewed curriculum content: what to expect”
Violeta Belevičiūtė, Deputy Director of Kaunas “Vyturio” Gymnasium, music teacher, chairperson of the methodological group of music teachers of Kaunas city general education schools
“Emotional expression in music classroom activities”
Rita Beitnaraitė, music teacher at Kaunas Jurgis Dobkevičius progymnasium No more
“From Idea to Practice – Differentiating and personalising tasks for students of different abilities”
Jolanta Bernotaitienė, expert music teacher at Kaunas Tado Ivanauskas progymnasium
“Music lesson: what’s important…”
Tomas Asakavičius, Kaunas St. Senior Music Teacher at Kazimieras Progymnasium