Psycho-emotional climate in the teaching team. How to improve it?

2021 m. March 25 d., 12:34

Teachers, like other professions with high levels of responsibility, are often under stress and strain at work. This has a negative impact not only on the internal harmony of each individual, but also on the psycho-emotional climate of the whole team.

How can a teacher remain resilient to stress and its consequences?

2020 m. November. The project “Improving Inner Coherence – a way to improve the psycho-emotional climate in the workplace” offers a new holistic approach to improving people’s psycho-emotional state, based on scientific insights that a person’s resilience to stress is linked to his or her inner cohesion.

The training programme for teachers aims to empower participants to strengthen their inner attitudes, change their values and achieve inner coherence through practices that can be easily applied in their daily lives.

How can this be achieved?

The training programme combines easy-to-use tools for everyday practice, based on psycho-emotional regulation methodologies: Mindfulness) to help manage emotions and develop coping skills; techniques for effective communication and collaboration.

How can you learn this?

50 educators from schools in different regions of Lithuania will be invited to participate in a distance learning course, where they will gain theoretical knowledge by studying text-based learning materials, listening to video lectures and, most importantly, by practicing. Videos, exercise descriptions, explanations and audio recordings will help you to understand the exercises and perform them correctly. Tutors will accompany the participants throughout the course, providing support and guidance.

At the end of the training, all participants will be invited to a 2-day workshop to consolidate the practical skills of the methodologies to be adopted.

Which practices will be used?

All the practices learned during the training can be easily applied in everyday life, regardless of the participants’ employment, lifestyle, interests and attitudes. Some do not even require special conditions or time and can be done in combination with everyday routines (e.g. waiting for the kettle to boil, on the way to the bathroom, during a normal walk, etc.). Yoga, active breathing, meditation, energy management, relaxation – all of these practices are mutually supportive and complement each other. They were only included in the programme after long discussions among experts on how to achieve maximum results without requiring a large investment of time, effort, skills and understanding. All that is needed is the participants’ willingness to develop their emotional intelligence. The tutors will help you to keep that desire.

How will this training contribute to improving the psycho-emotional climate within the team?

The project will train accredited Internal Harmony Ambassadors who will disseminate the knowledge and skills they have acquired in their work teams, by training their colleagues, by carrying out stress management practices with them in the workplace, and by encouraging them to practise independently.

Ambassadors will be able to organise their own training for their colleagues or other professions after the project. They will have access to a training programme and distance learning course in the virtual Moodle environment, accredited by the Kaunas Centre for Teacher Qualification.

When will the training take place?

Training to start April. Originally at. Duration – 2 months.

Calls for training will be published on the project promoters’ websites

( , , ), on education portals (,, and information notices will be sent to schools.

The project is implemented by the Social Projects Institute together with its partners – Kaunas Teacher Qualification Centre and the Tolerance and Physical Well-being Education Centre.

The project is part-funded by the Public Health Promotion Fund.