Nice to receive sunny spring greetings from Japan!

2021 m. April 16 d., 14:05

We are delighted with the five-year friendship between the cities of Hiratsuka and Kaunas, and especially with the warm cooperation and unexpected surprises from our partners.

The Kaunas Teacher Qualification Centre received a gift from the Hiratsuka Education Board – a Daruma doll with a special meaning and a wish: to keep succeeding, to overcome all the difficulties, to go forward without losing stability.

Panemunė Primary School also received a surprise visit from its Japanese partners. Due to the unfavourable epidemiological situation, a tradition that had been going on for several years – every autumn, pupils of the Kaunas Panemune Primary School used to visit the Minato School – has been broken. In order to express their longing for the Lithuanians, the pupils of Minato School have sent sensitive and warm letters to the people of Kaunas.

Sincerely thank you for the spring wishes from Japan.

We are proud of the beautiful and meaningful friendship between Hiratsuka and Kaunas city.

Special thanks to Mayor of Hiratsuka City, Hiratsuka City Board of Education, Olympic and Paralympic Promotion, Minato Primary School.