Erasmus+ project “Seniors Overcoming Barriers” lecture “Effective and Calm Mind”
Erasmus+ project “Seniors overcoming barriers” lecture “Why is lifelong learning valuable? Psychological aspects”
Kaunas Center for Education Innovation is ready to provide assistance to Ukrainians fleeing the war. Lithuanian language courses / Навчання литовської мови
Experience sharing event “Teaching success: the importance of social emotional education” for members of the Kaunas network of learning schools and other educators
To help Kaunas graduates. June 2021
Dissemination of good practice. Thank you!
Welcome to the international conference “The Highway of Educational Challenges: to participate or to watch?”
Listen to write English dictation competition for primary 3 pupils
Contest for a poem and an illustration of your own work
Methodological event on “Student-centred distance learning”
A collaborative lesson on “A Scandinavian Journey Staying at Home” for Scandinavia Day 2021.
Methodological event “Inclusive Education. Dissemination of good practice”
Virtual exhibition “The Innocent Book… or full speed ahead to a brighter tomorrow”
Anti-corruption knowledge and creativity competition “Be Honest”
Scandinavian best practices and Kaunas residents’ experiences against bullying in schools
“Developing Creativity Competence in Distance Learning Lithuanian Language Classes”
Prof. Benediktas Šetkus’ book “Lithuanians in Foreign Wars: Comrades and Enemies. Testimonies of Elders”
International conference “ECO Ideas for Lithuania 2021”
Methodological event “Topical issues in physical education content”
Economics and IT comics competition “I save”
Adapting digital content for classroom organisation
Good practice dissemination event “Distance education: challenges, experiences, solutions
Lecture for parents “Taking care of your child’s emotional wisdom – taking care of yourself”
Methodological event for librarians
National Teachers’ Conference “The Challenges of Distance Education in Developing Students’ Competences”
Activities to help develop language skills in distance English lessons identified at a meeting of the Kaunas City Early Childhood English Teachers’ Methodological Group
Kaunas Teacher Qualification Centre implements the Erasmus+ project “Combating bullying in school”
Project application for “Growing up with a Fairy Tale” educational programme
A methodological lesson on exploring feelings and emotions
International Dance Day 2021 project
Dissemination of good practice. Thank you!
Cooperation with the National Museum of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania
To help Kaunas graduates. May 2021
New books received by the library (April 2021)
Methodological event for history teachers “Working with SUP pupils in history lessons. ICT in inclusive education. Good practice”
National virtual lessons for cooperation “Earth is everyone’s home”
Qualification development programmes offered by Kaunas Teacher Qualification Centre 2021-2022
Events for Francophonie month
Nice to receive sunny spring greetings from Japan!
National Francophone Quality Label (QF) Schools Conference “Francophone Education in Virtual Reality”
Lecture “The Concept and Manifestation of Corruption in Lithuania. Gift policy”
Lecture for parents “Children’s rights. A contemporary approach and its application in practice”
April is Autism Awareness Month. Visit our library to find literature on this topic
Event highlights – Awareness Month WITHOUT BULLYING 2021
“The Book of Clay Fairy Tales” by Joana Tėvelytė, art education teacher-expert at Kaunas kindergarten “Vaivorykštė”
Lecture for parents on “Siblings: how to help with (s)intercourse?”
Integrated lesson “French-speaking countries” to celebrate Francophonie month
World Awareness lesson “Panemuniks’ Journey to Francophone Countries” to celebrate Francophonie Month
Exhibition of creative works of the 2nd (city) stage of the Lithuanian Pupils’ Technology Olympiad “Creativity Virus 2021”
Developing inner personal coherence
Lecture “Getting to know traditional Lithuanian culture” for the leaders and community of Hiratsuka
Dissemination of good practice. Thank you!
Methodological event “How to teach about the Holocaust? Practical examples”
To help Kaunas graduates. 2021 April
Kaunas Teacher Qualification Centre implements the Erasmus+ project “Combating bullying in school”
What are the barriers and incentives for inclusive education in Lithuanian schools?
Exhibition of creative works “Olympic Bridge between Lithuania and Japan”
April is Autism Awareness Month. Schedule of events
Lithuanian Olympians at the Tokyo Games will be treated to an inspiring surprise from Kaunas students
Psycho-emotional climate in the teaching team. How to improve it?
To help Kaunas graduates. March 2021
New books received by the library (December 2020)