Methodological event for librarians

2021 m. May 6 d., 14:53

On 5 May, a methodological event for Lithuanian library staff and teachers “Educational literature and other topical news from the publishing house “Šviesa”” was organised by the Kaunas Pedagogical Qualification Centre and the Methodological Group of School Librarians. During the teleconference, the news of the publishing house “Šviesa” was presented. Head of Marketing and Communication Armantė Raginytė introduced the updated system, new communication channels and communication platforms on Youtube channel. Category Manager Lina Urbonienė presented the new publications for the 1-4 grade segment. The Head of Category, Virginijus Urbonas, updated the news on publications in the 5-12 segment. The meeting answered the concerns of library staff regarding the updated general education curricula, as well as the implications of distance learning for students’ learning and achievement. The event was moderated by education expert Dr Simonas Šabanovas. It was practical and interesting.

Librarian at Kaunas “Varpo” gymnasium,
Member of the Librarians’ Methodology Group
Livija Mačaitytė-Kaselienė