Lecture “The Concept and Manifestation of Corruption in Lithuania. Gift policy”

2021 m. April 16 d., 08:44

13 April an anti-corruption education lecture “The concept and manifestation of corruption in Lithuania. Gift policy” for employees of educational institutions in Kaunas. The lecture was given by Daina Paštuolienė, Chief Specialist of the Anti-Corruption Education Division of the Lithuanian Special Investigation Service.

How to distinguish a gift from a bribe? Which gifts can a civil servant accept? Why have a gift policy in the institution? These and other questions were answered in detail during the lecture. He reviewed the causes and consequences of corruption, the most common forms of corruption, and presented the latest results of the sociological survey “Map of Corruption in Lithuania”.

The Specialist presented examples of procedures for the transfer, valuation, recording, storage and display of gifts received by the institution in accordance with international protocol or tradition, as well as for the transfer, valuation, recording, storage and display of gifts for representation, as well as of descriptions of the procedures and good practices for action to be taken in the event of receipt of an undue reward/gift by an institution. To improve your knowledge, a test has been proposed: can you tell the difference between gifts and bribes: link to the test HERE .

Laura Vaitkevičienė, Methodologist, Kaunas Teacher Qualification Centre