Lecture for parents “Taking care of your child’s emotional wisdom – taking care of yourself”

2021 m. May 6 d., 16:18

5 May A lecture “Taking care of your child’s emotional wisdom – taking care of yourself”, part of the “Active Parents Academy” series of free lectures for parents. The lecture was given by Linas Slušnys, a renowned child and adolescent psychiatrist and Member of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania. The lecture discusses the most important principles of emotional well-being for children and parents and how to follow them. According to the lecturer, trust and parental leadership are key elements in a child’s life. Developing emotional wisdom is essential: expanding the range of emotions, developing self-esteem, self-awareness, social awareness, fostering relationships and managing one’s own emotional states. Emotional security at home is particularly important for children. She advised talking to your child about emotions and helping them to recognise and name as many as possible. Also take time to think about your own emotions. Relieve tension with physical tension-relieving exercises and talking. “Choose a few new ways you’d like to try to relieve tension. When a strong emotion arises, let’s ask ourselves what it is about, what it is telling me. What message do I get with this emotion. Look on the bright side – what can I learn from this. How would I advise other people to deal with this situation and look at the situation, the reaction from the outside. Try to find something useful for yourself in difficult situations. Don’t be afraid to take care of your well-being, your rest, yourself. Try to be parents, not judges in the yard or intercessors at school. Give up the urge to fix things,” said the psychiatrist, who also wished you to have more confidence in school. The psychiatrist gave parents useful advice, recommendations on how to communicate with and help their child, and answered questions.

Laura Vaitkevičienė, Methodologist, Kaunas Teacher Qualification Centre