Erasmus+ project “Seniors overcoming barriers” lecture “Why is lifelong learning valuable? Psychological aspects”

2022 m. July 27 d., 15:11

On 26 July, a virtual lecture on lifelong learning took place for partners working with people aged 50 and over in the Erasmus+ project “Seniors across borders”. Psychologist Anna Filipek together with the lecture participants discussed the expectations and needs of seniors, the importance of an emotionally safe and friendly environment for seniors and their emotional health, the differences between pedagogy and andragogy, the various activities for seniors, the benefits of lifelong learning, the impact and importance of practical activities for seniors.

One of the objectives of the Erasmus+ project “Seniors Overcoming Barriers” is to improve the quality and competences of people working with adults, including in the field of non-formal education, through the exchange of skills and good practices, concepts and ideas in the field of socio-cultural activation of people aged 50+. The Polish partners were delighted with the new knowledge and the opportunity to present this useful and relevant information for older people.

Seniors across borders is funded by the Erasmus+ programme.


Eglė Ragauskaitė, Methodologist, Kaunas Education Innovation Centre