Erasmus+ project “Seniors Overcoming Barriers” lecture “Effective and Calm Mind”

2022 m. August 11 d., 15:18

On 9 August, a virtual lecture on “Effective and Calm Minds” was held for partners working with people aged 50 and over in the Erasmus+ project “Seniors across borders”. Psychologist A. Matyjaszczyk and teacher I. Pilarek introduced the participants to the cognitive impairment caused by stress, health problems such as obesity, heart problems and mental health problems. Participants learned how stress affects the human body and how we can take care of our health. Keeping the brain “engaged” – doing crosswords, Sudoku, puzzles, memory games and relaxation – is important for normal brain function.

One of the objectives of the Erasmus+ project “Seniors Overcoming Barriers” is to improve the quality and competences of people working with adults, including in the field of non-formal education, through the exchange of skills and good practices, concepts and ideas in the field of socio-cultural activation of people aged 50+. The knowledge gained during the lecture is relevant not only for seniors, but also for all adults. The Centre’s staff will apply useful knowledge about emotional health, stress reduction and relaxation techniques to their professional work with seniors.

Seniors across borders is funded by the Erasmus+ programme.


Eglė Ragauskaitė, Methodologist, Kaunas Education Innovation Centre