A methodological lesson on exploring feelings and emotions

2021 m. April 29 d., 08:37

22 April A methodological lesson for teachers and student support specialists in the country on “Exploring the world of feelings and emotions through practical experiences”. The team of Kaunas “Saulės” Gymnasium – Director Sonata Drazdavičienė, expert ethics teacher Neringa Zaveckienė, social pedagogue Andrėja Adašiūnienė, psychologist Simona Rimkuvienė – shared theoretical insights and practical experiences and methods that can be applied in the educational process, providing assistance to students, parents and colleagues. The teachers encouraged them to find ways to successfully explore and manage the world of emotions and feelings in order to avoid burnout in their professional life.

The pandemic has highlighted our strengths, but it has also exposed our weaknesses: vulnerability, sensitivity, exclusion. It made us question things that seemed solid and self-evident. We realised, the speakers said, that we often face emotional difficulties that we have and can manage. During the methodological hour, they gave the participants a variety of practical tasks, which made them realise that everyone has a lot of inner resources within themselves. Even they were surprised at the qualities they discovered. Everyone concluded that only by sharing can we become emotionally stronger, not get discouraged, and not lose the will to work and communicate.

Before saying goodbye, both the speakers and the participants promised each other out loud that from this evening they would put their resolutions into practice.

Neringa Zaveckienė, expert teacher of ethics at Kaunas “Saulės” Gymnasium,Andrėja Adašiūnienė, social pedagogue at Kaunas “Saulės” Gymnasium